Get your smart security system in Hartford

Elevate your security system in Hartford

You should never have to make a compromise between security and convenience. Thankfully, Vivint has brought together an innovative security system in Hartford with home automation to make your house smarter and safer. Now, you have greater command over your surveillance devices, locking systems, and alarms, while also having the ability to adjust your lights and thermostat within an effective cell phone app.

Of course, the real power of Vivint happens when you combine different elements together in a single package for a smart and accessible home. Receive notifications from your motion-detection sensors when they identify something out of the ordinary, and then activate your lights to frighten away unwanted guests. Switch door locks on from wherever you are, adjust your lighting, and reduce the temperature by simply pressing a button when it’s time for bed. You can even customize your home to awaken and greet you when you make your way up the drive. With a Vivint system in Hartford, you are able to live more and worry less.


Get complete control of your security system in Hartford

Get better protection at night with a security system that works for you. With indoor and outdoor cameras, window and door sensors, and motion detection, you will be continuously protected against unwanted intrusion. If a smart sensor or security camera detects abnormal activity, an alert is immediately delivered to your Vivint smartphone app, Smart Hub, and 24-hour monitoring staff.

Vivint grants you total control of your home security system in Hartford. By using the cell phone app, you can turn your alarms on or off from any location, review HD live streams from your surveillance cameras, and give family members personalized clearance for your smart locking devices. And since Vivint couples your Hartford security system with automation capabilities, you can instantly engage your security system when you leave for work and set it to disable when you return.


Integrated automation is perfect for your lifestyle

Convenient smart home automation capability lets your house adapt to your family’s needs. With the help of the easy-to-use mobile app, you enjoy incredible control over daily-use items like door locks, lighting, thermostats, and cameras. You can lower your energy bills by programming your lighting and home temperature levels to streamline your schedule. Setting custom rules through the app lets you get your house ready for bed with one button push.

Since your home automation integrates perfectly with your home security, you can elevate your protection to new heights. Through pre-set rules, you can adjust your lighting, cameras, alarms, and comfort levels based on the number of people or personal preferences. Talk with visitors via your connected doorbell camera and your cell phone application. Or receive notifications from your smart entry locks when your kids get home from school.

Benefit from fire protection no matter where you are

Standard fire alarms beep when they detect smoke, but your smart Vivint smoke detectors enhance safety by recognizing both smoke and heat. If disaster does strike, they will alert you with a loud signal and mobile device communication, while notifying Vivint’s 24-7 monitoring staff. By using smart home safety devices, you have the assurance emergency workers will be in route, and you can prioritize getting to safety.

Smart security in Hartford backed by 24-hour monitoring

Make every second count when an emergency arises. When a smart device triggers, a real-life individual from Vivint’s team of 24-7 professionals answers the call. After making a quick assessment of the situation, they will check on you to confirm you are out of danger and that the appropriate emergency unit is on the way. No Matter if you need a security system for your Hartford apartment, or you need a security system for your business in Hartford, Vivint has you covered.

Access all your services through one powerful smartphone app

Your security system, camera surveillance, fire detectors, and automation should all work in concert. That’s why Vivint integrates your full spectrum of smart security devices in one intuitive smartphone application. Through the app, you can control your house remotely or customize settings in accordance with the time or triggered events. Get text alerts when your smart products identify unusual movement or when they sense heat -- and examine your video streams in high-definition.

Since industry advancements will always continue, we made it easy to integrate new systems and devices when needed. After all, what good is a smart home in Hartford if it’s stuck in the past?

Find Hartford Emergency Services Info

Being safe in Hartford is of top priority to us at Vivint. When you have a crisis, sometimes you need to reach the emergency services directly. Because of that, we want to ensure you know how to contact Police, Fire, and Poison Control in Hartford.
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Hartford Police Department
253 High St, Hartford, CT 06103
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