DIY Home Security Systems In Hartford Vs Professionally Installed Home Security Systems

February 19, 2021
Vivint home security in Hartford

Like other residents, you might get lured into putting up a DIY home security system in Hartford. But then you’re relying on your handiwork and programming skills, and your innate talent to put the right component in just the right spot. A few tinkerers can cobble together a security system that works perfectly and looks nice, and then there’s the people that will make the system a Frankenstein’s monster.

If only we thought to ask ourselves before we started, what was preferable: a DIY home security system in Hartford or a smart home system that’s professionally put in by Vivint?

What should you expect when using a DIY security system in Hartford?

One of the benefits of a DIY security package is that it’s easy to purchase singular devices over time. You can start with only one alarm or camera, and then slip in other components piecemeal from different companies. Depending on what component you choose, initial setup can seem simple and some updated packages can sync with your smart speaker.

Here are some other benefits of a DIY home security system in Hartford:

  • Buying individual components may initially save you money.

  • You can customize the system slowly over time and from competing brands.

  • A nice solution for homeowners that want a simplified system like a smart lock or indoor camera.

  • Some DIY home security systems are easy to install, provided that you know where they should go.

Know that DIY security includes some cons:

  • A DIY residential security system may become outdated faster than a professionally installed security solution.

  • If you mix brands they may not work in concert or link to a central Smart Hub.

  • You have to choose the correct configuration for cameras, alarms, and other devices.

  • You have to do all the installation, troubleshooting, and upkeep. Troubleshooting over the phone can be frustrating.

  • Your out-of-the-box system may not include professional monitoring.

Vivint Home Security Products in Hartford

Pros of a professional home security system in Hartford

While a DIY security system may feel like a nice solution, there are pros to getting your residential security system professionally installed. For example, you can install a larger,and more complete system when you choose a company like Vivint. Not only can you have high-end security alarms, sensors, and cameras, but Vivint can also include monitored fire and CO detection, 24/7 monitoring, and home automation.

Learn some other pros for a professionally installed security system in Hartford

  • You receive a full security system designed around your home and security needs.

  • You can protect against fire, carbon monoxide, break-ins, and health emergencies through one central system using the Vivint App.

  • Your expert installer will take the guessing out about where to hang components.

  • You're not limited by your own handiness or tech skills.

  • You’ll know all components will work perfectly before your Vivint installer leaves.

  • If a camera, alarm, or sensor is broken, you can contact Vivint to make repairs.

  • Round-the-clock monitoring comes as part of your initial package.

Of course, there are some drawbacks in a home security system that’s installed by Vivint:

  • There might be fees for installation.

  • You’re limited to using their devices and Vivint App.

  • Round-the-clock monitoring has a small monthly payment.

So is it best to try a professionally installed home security system or go with a do-it-yourself solution?

If all you need is one or two security devices and you enjoy browsing the internet for technical specifications and how-to install videos, a DIY home security system might be what you’re looking for. But, if you’d like a full security system that seamlessly syncs motion sensors, security cameras, and CO detectors, you should get a Vivint smart home system. It’s also wise to go with Vivint if you want services like monitored fire alarms, smart home devices, or medical pendants.

Basically, DIY won’t work if you need a more robust solution. For this type of smart home, you should stick with the pros.

The best professionally installed home security system in Hartford comes from Vivint

Once you make your choice to buy a expertly installed home security system in Hartford, make sure to phone (860) 864-4291. Your Vivint professional will create the best home security system that meets your home’s needs. Contact a Vivint rep today or complete the form below to begin.