How To Prevent Shoplifting In Hartford And Additional Business Security Tips

December 03, 2021

security camera inside a mall

Preventing theft is a big effort for the preponderance of businesses -- especially for local shops. The truth of the matter is that not every business can afford permanent security or other expensive crime deterrents. However, there are certain simple and cost-effective means to prevent shoplifting in Hartford to defend your financial health.

Review these Hartford business security tips that are a cinch to integrate and won’t discourage your frequent patrons.

Protect With A Wireless Security Installation

The most critical aspect of any wireless security plan is having tools that you can effectively manage when it's been installed. An integrated network of wireless surveillance cameras is a wise place to begin and can help keep a close watch of your premises. It's ideal to select ones that feature wide-angle lenses, full HD resolution, infrared technology, and motion sensoring to uncover any questionable movements. Hang a camera over the door and get an all-encompassing perspective of your store, but don't forget to have surveillance components angled at the checkout counter and storage area. These are prime locations for shoplifters and will aid in making your team feel safer when interacting with customers.

You can complete your basic security with sensors at susceptible entryways within your location. The ideal protection plan includes around-the-clock monitoring, which reacts to any alarm in an instant. You will also want a configuration that works with a cell phone app, so you can monitor your business any time you want.

Display Warnings About Your Store’s Protection

The best Hartford business security tips are typically simple but valuable. For instance, posting signage about your property’s protection at the front entrance of your location and by the register can be a surprisingly effective deterrent in putting a stop to shoplifting. As a reputable business person, you should be candid with customers, employees, and suppliers that your shop and goods are safeguarded. The simple announcement that your location is under surveillance might discourage a prospective shoplifter from trying a a five-finger discount.

Limit Access To Specific Spaces With Smart Locking Systems

By restricting admittance to areas like docks and storage rooms, you minimize the locations where shoplifting could happen. A curtain or a swinging door just won't cut it, as they can't be secured. On the other hand, if you integrate smart locking systems on your doors, you have an extra layer of security for your non-public spaces. You might issue each member of your team their own PIN, so in the event they resign, you can delete their PIN.

Dark areas and Crowded Displays Lead To Increased Shoplifting

Shoplifting is easier when prowlers can loiter in poorly lit spaces. Additionally, shoplifting goes up with crammed shelving units and counters. Christmas sales and other large promotions are likely to have presentations that are difficult to keep in check. You’re probably also aware that clearance items are sometimes shoved on an out-of-the-way shelf, which makes them easy to slip into someone's pocket without being seen.

In the event you have a rack with merchandise routinely being knocked to the floor, cut the quantity to 2/3rds. That may seem a little drastic, but you can always restock as needed. Just remember, you have a greater chance of spotting something amiss when you can easily see a gaping hole in your presentation.

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Safeguard Your Retail Location With A Leading Wireless Security System

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