Is there a good dog-friendly alarm system in Hartford?

July 08, 2022
Close up of security display with a dog in the background

Few things are as satisfying as having a dog in Hartford. Even so, some animals can set off sensors on different types of home security systems. And it appears that the more substantial your pooch is, the greater the likelihood they could cause a false alarm. So wouldn’t you find it beneficial if you could find a dog-friendly alarm system in Hartford?

Perfectly suited for dog owners, Vivint smart homes give you a multitude of benefits. First, you can adjust the sensors to exclude locations where your animals typically roam. Next, make use of your indoor video cameras with HD night vision and motion sensing capacity to keep an eye on your pet. Lastly, your dog-friendly alarm system needs to be easy to use so you are able to quickly engage and disengage your property’s security as required.

Set your sensors to allow for pets

Current motion, door, and window sensors are much more pet-friendly than past options. Smaller animals aren’t likely to have any trouble circumventing an accidental tripping of the sensor, as the devices will adjust accordingly. Larger dogs and rowdy pets will have an increased possibility of false alarms, but you are able to reduce that risk with a few modifications on the Vivint app.

  • Change the sensitivity of your motion detector to low. You can also adjust the size of the perimeter of the motion detector.
  • Position motion sensors away from high-traffic spots, such as your dog’s pet bed or feeding area.
  • Turn off your alarms via your smartphone app before you pull in the driveway -- particularly if your furry friend likes to jump around the door or window when you walk up the front steps.
  • Set a smart bulb to activate to relax an anxious animal at night.

The capability of handling these adjustments makes Vivint the best pet-friendly home security system in Hartford.

Utilize your indoor surveillance to maintain a watch on your dog

Indoor security cameras with 2-way talk are an excellent means for homeowners to check on their four-legged companions while working or traveling with your helpful cell phone app. Your surveillance devices will even give you a visual of your pet in low-light situations in full high-def, so you’re able to see what is transpiring throughout the house without leaving the bed. Whenever your video components notice abnormal movements, you are able to have a smart clip sent to your phone to determine if it's your dog or an intruder.

Your Vivint surveillance systems are also fantastic options for dogs with behavioral concerns. If you find them starting to get uneasy, speak to them via the two-way audio feature. They will notice your voice and realize that it's ok. Or, if you see that they are troubled in a thunderstorm, you can remotely flip on lighting to make the room less alarming.

The leading dog-friendly home security system in Hartford is simple to operate

These pet-friendly features are awesome, but they wouldn't benefit you much if they were a challenge to operate. The gratifying aspect about a smart home package like Vivint's is that the various features are included in both your centralized control panel and your mobile security app. So program your devices around your family's lifestyle -- including the pets! Then, all it takes is a few button taps and you have your entire home security set up and ready to go.

Customize your Vivint pet-friendly security system today!

Your security system shouldn't be a nightmare for your dogs. Alternatively, it should offer an enhanced level of security while helping you look out for your four-legged friends. Dial (860) 864-4291 or complete the following form today!