What to know about smart lighting in Hartford

close up of phone with light settings

What do you suppose Thomas Edison’s reaction would be to modern Hartford smart lights? Starting from his simple carbon-filament bulb, we currently enjoy smart home systems that can manipulate your connected LED lights with your mobile device. Nevertheless, before you hurry away and purchase the heavily advertised new advancement, do some research first, so you have a better understanding of what’s the best bulbs for your lights.

Select the platform you already have in your home

Numerous systems support several different platforms to manage your smart lighting in Hartford, but it’s wise to stick with what you’re familiar with . To illustrate, if you have an Android cell phone, you are most likely to favor something compatible with Google. Or you could go with Amazon Alexa which allows you to incorporate voice controls on your speaker. Of course, if you select a Vivint smart home, your smart light app will function with Google, Amazon, Android, and iOS.

Does it make sense to use a smart hub?

You could get a couple smart light bulbs that connect easily with your home’s existing platform, but as a result you will lose out on some nice benefits. Vivint’s Smart Home Automation can incorporate nicely into your security system if you are looking for the best from your Hartford smart lighting.

It just makes sense to link with a central hub and join your lights with a smart doorbell, entry-point sensors, along with your other automation and security equipment. As a result your lights may be set up to automatically illuminate if an outside camera detects unusual movement. You might also enjoy having your lights turn off as your security alarms arm at night.

Sleep soundly with your Hartford smart lights

The flexibility to customize a unique schedule is a top benefit of smart lighting. Virtually all smart lighting can be controlled in multiple ways, providing you the versatility to activate or deactivate them at the time of your choosing. You can also have them run on a timer, turn them on or off in conjunction with the specific times of sunrise and sunset, or you can set a range of custom schedules to fit your needs. With your Vivint home automation and security app, you can instruct your smart lights to do what you like and when the time is right, including lowering or illuminating based on a fixed plan.

Smart lighting reduces energy consumption and cost

LED smart lights are much more energy-efficient than what you used before and they won’t burn your fingers if you touch them when they’re on. You might increase your money savings through the use of location-based controls, built-in motion sensors, the Vivint mobile app, or linking with your home’s complementary smart home devices. You will find that you’ve created a unique lighting configuration in your very own residence that utilizes and conserves energy like you’ve never thought possible.

Take your home automation past smart lighting

The beauty of the Vivint smart home design is it’s all-encompassing, including a range of components like video doorbells, smart locks, interior and exterior video cameras, connected thermostats, garage door controls, and an array of other possibilities. If you have authority over your home’s automation and protection, your house reaches a new level of safety.

Get your Hartford smart lighting from Vivint

When upgrading your ordinary light bulbs to powerful smart lights, you should explore what Vivint will do for your property. Our smart home packages will make your house safer and more energy efficient while adding convenience to your day-to-day life. Just call (860) 864-4291 and start customizing your smart home today!