Install your smart Hartford business security system from Vivint

A Vivint business security system in Hartford is the ideal way to keep your business safe, secure, and efficient.

Your Hartford business is your passion and livelihood. That’s why you should use a reliable Hartford business security system to keep your assets and employees safe and secure.

With Vivint, you can use motion detectors, security cameras, and coded locks -- all with remote management and mobile alerts. Then, up the ante with energy-efficient strategies with smart lighting, smart thermostats, and smart plugs that helps your business save money.

Here’s a sample of what a Hartford business security system can offer you

Round-the-clock monitored security

Have Vivint customize the best alarm system for your business, complete with motion sensors, door and glass break sensors, and smart locks. Then when a device trips, your Vivint monitoring team can contact you and the proper emergency agency quickly.

Video surveillance

Video surveillance cameras are professionally installed in the place where they serve you most in your Hartford business. Keep an eye on entryways, blind spots, or back rooms. Vivint’s outdoor and indoor cameras use 180° wide-angle lenses, pan and zoom functions, and two-way talk. And you can watch real-time feeds and notifications through the mobile app.

Energy-efficient automation products

Coupling your business security system with automation can help you save on electric bills. A smart thermostat or smart lighting should automatically dim at night so you won’t waste unnecessary power.

Mobile control

Your Hartford business security system can be controlled remotely through the Vivint App. Watch HD security video clips and feeds, activate your locks for morning open, or program schedules for alarms and automation devices. Then get texts to your mobile device when a sensor triggers or a camera picks up suspicious motion.

Fire, flood, and carbon monoxide alarms

Enhance your smoke alarms to Vivint’s state-of-the-art fire detectors, CO sensors, and flood sensors. If disaster hits, Vivint’s monitoring team will will contact you and emergency personnel within seconds -- whatever the time of day!

Monitored protection even during a blackout

Since your Hartford business security system uses cell technology, it won’t be disarmed by a cut wire or blackout. With an emergency battery with a 24-hour lifespan, you’ll have a steady connection to your components and Vivint’s 24-hour monitoring team during a power blackout or other disaster. 

vivint Hartford business security

The greatest Hartford business security system for every business

A Vivint expert will create the perfect system for your business. Then Vivint’s professional installers will position cameras, sensors, and devices where they stay low profile to your customers and employees. Vivint has security solutions for:

Retail Store


Place cameras to monitor the checkout or inventory. Assign each manager a individual smart lock PIN number and block off employee-only areas.

Office Building


Get texts when anyone enter and leave the building, then remotely manage lighting, temperature, and sensors to act accordingly.


Food and Beverage

The low profile of Vivint cameras and sensors helps your visitors to have a pleasant, enjoyable visit. Or place an HD camera to make sure your employees keep a hygienic and professional kitchen.


Health services

Protect customer information, keep off-limit areas secure, and help with employee quality with low-profile cameras, smart locks, and motion sensors. Then make a calming experience by managing light and temperature levels.


Your business is too important for a DIY business security system

Let the pros from Vivint find the perfect locations for all your components. Vivint installers experienced know-how helps when you have a special arrangement, like a camera directed at an essential asset. All components will also be low-profile and hidden enough so they don’t detract from the overall aesthetic.

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