Upgrade your Bloomfield home security system with home automation

When you combine home automation with your Bloomfield home security system, your home now helps watch over your loves ones and makes life a little easier for all of your family members. Simply pick the products and devices that enhance your lifestyle and program them according to your unique needs and schedule.

Trust custom Bloomfield, CT smart home security with home automation

The best smart home setup utilizes both home security and home automation components for easier control and access. With a Bloomfield Vivint system, you get:

  • Home security: Smart locks, door and window sensors, and loud alarms

  • Surveillance cameras: High-definition outdoor, indoor, and doorbell cameras

  • Round-the-clock professional monitoring: Off-site monitoring for quick emergency response no matter where you are

  • Fire and safety: Monitored sensors for home emergencies like fire, floods, and CO leaks

  • Home automation: Smart lights, smart thermostat, garage door sensors, and more

The Vivint App is your mobile hub for all your automation and home security devices. Watch live video streams and record clips from your security cameras. Lock your doors and arm your alarms from anywhere. Program zones so that your system works without you lifting a finger. Using the Vivint App, you have full command of your smart home.

Live in a more energy-efficient and secure home

When you pair your Bloomfield home security system with automation, you’ll soon discover that your life is smoother and more convenient. Your home routine runs like clockwork without added effort. With a few button taps on the Vivint App, you’re able to:

  • Dim the thermostat and lights from your phone when you're watching a movie.

  • Automatically open the garage door and turn off your security system when you pull in the driveway.

  • Never forget to turn on the alarm, lock the doors, and turn off the downstairs lights by setting them to an evening schedule.

  • Adjust the thermostats and lights automatically depending on the time.

  • Operate your Vivint smart home with voice commands with Google Home or Amazon Echo

Manage your smart home when you’re traveling

Your home automation and Bloomfield home security system continues to work after you step out of the door. Using the smartphone app, you can:

  • Receive notifications on your mobile phone when your security cameras sense strange activity.

  • Remotely set temporary door lock codes for out-of-town family members or a repair service person.

  • Utilize the 2-way audio on your doorbell camera to chat with unexpected visitors who ring your doorbell.

  • Change the thermostat so it’s warm and toasty when you walk through the door.

  • Talk with a real monitoring professional when you get an alert from your security, flood, or fire alarms.

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