Wireless smart components make Vivint apartment security the greatest security system for renters in Hartford

Systems starting from $29.99/month for apartments or rental homes.

Those who rent a house or apartment have similar security problems as those who pay a mortgage. Therefore, shouldn’t your Hartford security system use the same high-quality components and monitoring? Most home security companies refuse to work with renters, but Vivint’s smart tech, wireless devices, and professional installation makes Vivint the perfect Hartford security system for renters.

Take your wireless security system with you if you move out

When you’re ready to move on from your apartment or rental house for another place, you can just take your security devices with you.* All your components are easy to take down and quickly transferable -- along with your Vivint monitoring contract. Then contact Vivint to get professional installation in your new dwelling. It’s the portability of your Vivint devices that make this the greatest Hartford security systems for renters.

Get expert installation for your sensors, cameras, and automation devices

An apartment doesn’t mean that you have to do all the grunt work for your security system yourself. Have the pros from Vivint find the perfect place for cameras, sensors, and alarm control center. Your Vivint agent can also partner with your rental’s landlord to figure out of all lease addendums are being followed.

Vivint home security product line in Hartford

Here’s what you can get with your Vivint security system

Unlike most security companies, Vivint’s automation and security offerings are a great choice renters. Here are just a few of the more in demand devices and services:

Burglary detection

Burglar alarms and glass sensors can alert you when an surprise guest breaks into your place. Receive a text to your phone as an alarm trips, or activate your devices remotely so you can let in guests or maintenance when you’re out.

Environmental safety detectors

Ordinary smoke detectors will come with your apartment or rental home, but not other safety detectors. Place a wireless carbon monoxide detector or water detector to notify you and Vivint’s monitoring team to problems before it’s too late.

Indoor or doorbell cameras

HD security cameras can be wirelessly put up so you can watch over indoor rooms. A doorbell camera lets you see -- and talk to -- visitors at the front door. See live HD feeds and texts about suspicious movement through the mobile security app.

24-hour monitoring

A great benefit of using Vivint is the monitoring team backing up triggered alarms. If a device trips, your monitoring team quickly notifies you to see if you’re safe. Then they’ll phone the fire or police departments.

Automation components

Automation devices, such as smart lighting, can be put in to make your apartment more energy-efficient. Some items like a replacement thermostat or smart door locks may involve prior office approval.

The Vivint App

Your Hartford security system is able to be adjusted anywhere is the world by using the Vivint App. Watch HD security feeds, remotely arm and disarm devices, or set rules for all your smart devices. Then receive notifications to your mobile device if a device triggers or a camera picks up a suspected lurker.

A customized Hartford security system for renters begins with one, easy call

You should always feel safe and sound in your rental home or apartment. With Vivint, you can make the wise investment of professionally installed wireless security portable. Just contact (860) 864-4291 or send in the form below, and a Vivint agent will create the perfect security system for your needs.

*To switch addresses for your Vivint system, you can get professional installation for $150 or get a free DIY installation kit